Hello there. Thank you for stopping by. 

Hi, I’m Abigail. Australian; dietitian; street-dog whisperer; but most importantly, full-time traveller.

But how did I get here? Let me bring you back to New York City sometime in 2015. I had a 9-5 (on a good day), and was doing what all good Cornell graduates do: making my way up the corporate ladder. But something didn’t sit right. I felt like I was living someone else’s dream, growing their passions, and not my own. I started to question why I was in this cycle, working for the money, but actually living my life from Friday night through Sunday.

With my boyfriend, Matt, we decided to do the only logical thing (bless our millennial brains): quit our jobs to travel the world.

Fast-forward to October 2017 when we left our jobs. And to the present: we’re travelling the world, full-time, no job whatsoever.

You'll enjoy this space if you're looking for slightly alternative itineraries that are a little off the beat path, with lots of good food tips included.


But wait, there's more!

You didn't think I could do this whole blog-thing alone, did you? Reality is that my partner, Matt, does the majority of the backend of this website.


Hey, Matt here. Jersey kid; baker; surfer; voice of reason in the relationship; and engineer by training.

After a stint engineering products for OXO back in NYC, the time came to hit the road and explore this world I had heard so much about. Travelling wasn't something I always prioritized, but these days I can't picture my life without it. Along with backend blog stuff, I do my fair share of editing, layout, and slipping in one liners to posts behind Abi's back :) I also write my own blog relaying travel stories and experiences, which basically only my grandparents read...check it out here